Business Image Self-Surgery

April 1, 2007

Many of our design and marketing clients are new businesses and/or entrepreneurs.  They come to us with amazing ideas and dreams. They have big ideas and small budgets.  Often these business owners will say to themselves, “hey, I can just do my marketing and design myself.” or another favorite is, “my cousin has designed some t-shirts and has a computer so he should be able to help me out.” Of course they CAN choose this route, however it is not wise to do so.

 If I need my gall bladder removed would it be wise go to my neighbor’s garage because he has some shiny tools and has watched 17 episodes of ER?  That would be suicide.  Many young businesses try and save a nickel by doing their own marketing and design which is akin to the above scenario.  These same folks then wonder why they get meager returns on the their investment.  We often refer to this as “putting forth a Pinto effort and expecting a Porsche response.”

 It’s the old Law of the Harvest. What you put out, you will get back. It’s simple math really.

ThinkBox Design Marketing will be your design and marketing partner.  We will help you identify your target audience and give you branding  and messaging that makes sense for you.  Branding that will be clear and concise so as not to confuse the same audience you are trying to attract. 


What is ThinkBoxing?

March 29, 2007

Thinkboxing is a product of the creative minds at ThinkBox Design Marketing.  In most of the corporate and creative world we are taught that we should brainstorm, however we have added our creative twist to brainstorming and now refer to it as thinkboxing.   We are not associated with  Although one could suggest we are twin cousins in the corporate world perhaps.

 We would like to thank the team at Square Compass for hosting a blog workshop at Corporate Alliance’s Hub Center today in Provo.  They do a tremendous job and are highly recommended by the ThinkBox team.